Tips Selfie ala Seleb Instagram

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Tips Selfie ala Seleb Instagram

Sering selfie dan di update ke media sosial, girls? Kalau iya, jangan sampai deh kita update foto selfie dengan gaya yang itu-itu saja. Belajar deh beberapa tips buat foto selfie dari para seleb Instagram ini supaya foto selfie kita kebanjiran like.


Pakai Make Up

"Always put on a little extra blush. What you see in-person shows up only a fraction in photos."

- Shea Marie of, Instagram: @PeaceLoveShea




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Background Bagus

"Finding a cool background is always a plus to make your selfies more interesting!"

- Aimee Song of, Instagram: @SongOfStyle


Selfie 2


Pencahayaan Cukup

"A good selfie needs good lighting...find that light and let that smile shine!"

- Cara Loren of, Instagram: @CaraLoren


selfie 3


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Angle Terbaik

"Hold the camera up above your eye level, turn your face at a ¾ angle; this is the universal good selfie angle."

- Michelle Phan of, Instagram: @MichelleFawn


selfie 4


Hindari "duck face"

"If you can't find the right pose, just go for the classic and sweet smile."

 - @Emilyschuman


selfie 5


(razan, foto :,,,,

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